Episode 1 - The Industrialization Of Construction (With Raghi Iyengar and Arol Wolford)

With minimal growth over the past 30 years, Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies is stepping in to facilitate a process that takes construction from the job site and into factories.

Manufacton is working towards enhancing productivity by providing the tools to integrate materials management, offsite production, and onsite installation, effectively empowering the supply chain. Simply put, Manufacton is revolutionizing a historically stagnant construction industry with efficient streamlined processes.

Founder and CEO of Manufacton, Raghi Iyengar, recently sat down with Arol Wolford, Vice President and Construction Entrepreneur, on the Know It All podcast to dive deeper into the importance of bringing manufacturing principles to construction for improved efficiencies.

“When we talk about the industrialization of construction, that does not mean creating identical buildings. It's the whole idea that you are changing your process, taking construction away from the job site into the factories. You're productizing it to build in the factories; you can manufacture things and be more creative in how we produce them and the shapes that you can put together in a factory setting, and then have the job site become more like an efficient assembly operation. “

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