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Raghi Iyengar


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Raghi Iyengar


Raghi Iyengar

Raghi Iyengar is the CEO of AEC software provider, ViZZ Technologies and founder of Manufacton. With more than 30 years of experience in the construction technology profession, Raghi has led several software initiatives towards the development of the Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) process and helped bring building information modeling (BIM) into construction.

Raghi became founder of Manufacton in 2014 to bring the best of manufacturing to construction. As an industrial engineer, working closely with general contractors, trade contractors and modular builders, Raghi has been at the forefront of the global AEC supply chain transformation towards Industrialized Construction.

Prior to Manufacton, Raghi served as the Senior Product Line Manager for Construction at Autodesk, where he led initiatives around construction modeling with Revit, acquisition of Navisworks and several cloud/mobile startups that are now part of the collaborative construction application called BIM 360.

Beyond his work at Autodesk, Raghi also led software initiatives to support construction, operations & maintenance, and materials management at Intel’s factories worldwide as Program Manager. During his tenure at Intel, Raghi was also Technical Advisor to the Center for Integrated Facility Engineering (CIFE) at Stanford University, where he funded research for VDC.

In addition, Raghi oversaw the development of two other startups: VisionPlanner and InQuest Technologies.

Raghi holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Arizona State University, and a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering from Bangalore University. He continues to be recognized for his expertise and leadership through frequent speaking engagements, such as CIFE Industrialized Construction Forum, Construction IT Alliance (CiTA) Ireland, World of Modular, BuiltWorlds, Advancing Prefabrication, Autodesk University and other events.