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Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies improves your entire process with benefits for each department.


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Get real-time visibility into your shop operations to optimize each department, reduce waste, decrease risk, and become a more efficient organization.

Shop Manager

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Get real-time visibility into your shop operations to increase productivity and quality.  We simplify management of production capacity, scheduling, QA/QC, and delivery


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Easily and quickly prioritize your backlog. Automatically publish shop drawings and revisions to the shop floor. Get real-time status on production and delivery.


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Forecast material demand, confirm inventory availability, manage sourcing from vendors, and track delivery status. Leverage dashboards to make the best buying decisions.

Field Teams

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Request prefab production of spools, kits and assemblies and track the shop’s progress, all via our mobile app. Easily receive prefabs and materials on site with QR codes.

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Manufacton's suite of products gives you the visibility and access you need to make your offsite construction successful.

Production Manager
  • Generate production plan from BIM models, schedules, or spreadsheets
  • Standardize production and QA/QC process
  • Access current documents, drawings or videos from the shop floor
  • Track hours and progress in real-time
  • Measure factory output with tracking and analytics
Material Manager
  • Automate bill of materials (BOM) generation
  • Simplify sourcing from preferred vendors
  • Track & receive materials with QR codes
  • Standardize field material requests
  • Provide real-time visibility for all departments
Advanced Analytics
  • Generate company-specific dashboards from aggregated data
  • Monitor KPIs in real-time
  • Discover waste & improve processes
  • Validate schedule & cost estimates
Production Manager
With Manufacton’s Production Manager, you can…
Standardize Shop Operations
Increase Productivity
Improve Quality
With Manufacton’s Material Manager, you can…
Forecast Demand
Manage Inventory
Minimize Waste
With Manufacton’s Advanced Analytics you can…
Leverage Data
Continuously Improve
Grow Your Business
Sales Process Workflow

Why Choose Us?

“At Timberlab, we believe that the future of construction is mass timber, and we aim to simplify and improve the mass timber production and installation process to make it easier to select the sustainable option.  We continue to partner with aligned partners, including technology providers, to become more agile and better equipped to foster mainstream adoption of mass timber and expand our sustainability efforts as we source and track materials from sustainably managed forests and laminators in the Pacific Northwest region.”
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Christopher Evans

“Collaboration with Manufacton has given our prefabrication department a competitive advantage, helping us expand our business and retain the #1 spot as industry leaders in our province.’’
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Matthew Whitehouse

Project Manager,
Britton Électrique
“We partnered with Manufacton before this redevelopment project to become more agile and better equipped to foster mainstream adoption of mass timber and expand our sustainability efforts. These benefits were maximized during the manufacturing and procurement of materials for the roof because we were able to track an enormous number of pieces and materials, helping us remain on time and aware of progress during every step.”
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Christopher Evans

"Our fabrication business has grown over the past five years and I can’t imagine trying to manage this process without Manufacton. We see prefabrication and technology as a way to smooth out our manpower curves and even out the ups and downs of project schedules, and we can do more work with the same amount of people."
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Shawn Guertin

TG Gallagher
“Manufacton data feeds Analytics Dashboards at Factory_OS, which are used to track critical production metrics, and are referenced by nearly every department: from Procurement,Production, to Project Management and Sales”
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Nate Kaylor

Associate Director of Tech & Innovation,
“Having used Manufacton in my previous role at Skender, I knew the offsite production platform was just what we needed at DOMO to optimize our factory’s production processes and increase its output as we develop modular mid-rise multi-family housing to meet the increasing need. ”
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Pete Murray

DOMO Modular

Integrations Include

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Autodesk investor
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autodesk build
* Spooling/Detailing Add-ins
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Microsoft project
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Oracle primevera
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Acumatica - The Cloud ERP