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“In the prefab shop, we had a board with papers all over the place for all of the tasks. Manufacton has completely removed that paperwork, so now we are seeing it pretty much live right on the screen. The Manufacton integration with Power BI has made our work in the prefab shop extremely visible to everybody.”

Jay Nieman

Pre-construction Director,
Collins Electrical Company, Inc.
"Our fabrication business has grown over the past five years and I can’t imagine trying to manage this process without Manufacton. We see prefabrication and technology as a way to smooth out our manpower curves and even out the ups and downs of project schedules, and we can do more work with the same amount of people."

Shawn Guertin

TG Gallagher
“We have been searching for a platform that will provide us real time access to fabrication and delivery dates, while increasing our site supervisor’s flexibility and improving our chances for schedule success. Manufacton has done this, while furthering collaboration and communication between our team, subcontractors and vendors.”

Todd McCabe

VP Project Services,
“Manufacton has enabled us to do more prefab and do it better. Prefabrication is a simple strategy—but getting the execution right is complex. We look to Manufacton to help us manage that complexity and to keep us one step ahead of the construction industry’s challenges.”

Brian Potter

President and CEO,
TG Gallagher
“We had been struggling to provide visibility into our production ‘black box’ to our project coordinators and field superintendents. In addition to helping our shop foremen organize production, the mobile app from Manufacton is used by our field and office teams to know exactly what has been produced and where it is right now."

Brian Potter

President and CEO,
TG Gallagher
"As we've expanded our prefabrication operations, keeping track of all the moving pieces has become increasingly vital. Manufacton helps tie our process together from inception to completion, streamlining projects and aiding us in creating effective and consistent lines of communication."

Brian Lewis

Regional Vice President,
Interstate Electrical Services
"Managing the supply chain is becoming ever more critical for projects in cities like Boston, where there are congested roads and other buildings surrounding the jobsite. With limited space for laydown areas, limited parking for construction workers and time constraints for a limited number of truck deliveries, we need to drive more and more production offsite with good quality control and manage just-in-time deliveries of prefab components to the jobsite. We have started using Manufacton to manage our construction supply chain."

Lee Michael Kennedy

Lee Kennedy Construction
"As we continue to grow and expand our product and service offerings, we needed a system that helps us manage the entire design-manufacture-build process. Manufacton will not only help us streamline operations but ensure manufacturing quality and consistency, furthering our commitment to our customers to deliver the highest quality products while reducing overall risk.”

Geene Alhady

Clark Pacific
“When you have multiple workflows where some overlap and others run parallel, communication is a key factor in effective process management. Whether it’s communication between workflows, or communication between project stakeholders; Manufacton helps streamline those communication channels by making critical information easily accessible.”

Troy Galvin

Former Manager of PCL Agile, PCL