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Manufacton enhances Offsite Construction and optimizes Prefab Processes through Data-Driven decisions resulting in faster, better and more sustainable construction.

Whether you are a modular builder, trade contractor, general contractor, or developer, our cloud-based platform is designed to improve your business by Optimizing Capital, Mitigating Risk, Reducing Costs, and Improving Revenue!

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Offsite Construction Management Solution

Standardize factory production and inventory management processes.

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"Manufacton provides real-time visibility into production output, allowing us to measure and analyze labor productivity. By correlating throughput data with crew payroll tracking, we can identify when our operations are running efficiently (hot) or inefficiently (cold). Additionally, comparing the materials needs from Manufacton against our inventory tracking system highlights material constraints that could impede order progress, enabling our team to anticipate and resolve shortages before they cause costly work stoppages. By aligning inventory data with our bill of materials, we ensure a thorough review of material availability, maintaining visibility into any missing or insufficient components."

John Shaddix, CFO, Momentum Glass

Why We Do What We Do

Modular Builder

"This Single-Source-of-Truth solution enables visibility into complex operations, allowing us to optimize and keep costs low so that we can deliver quality products, increasing affordable housing options throughout California. Manufacton data feeds AnalyticsDashboards at Factory_OS, which are used to track critical production metrics.”

Nate Kaylor, Associate Director, Factory_OS
M/E/P Contractor

"We had a board with papers for all of the tasks. Manufacton has completely removed that paperwork, so now we are seeing it live on the screen. The Manufacton integration with Power BI has made our work in the prefab shop extremely visible to everybody."

Jay Nieman, Pre-construction Director, Collins Electrical Company, Inc.
M/E/P Contractor

"Our fabrication business has grown over the past five years, and I can’t imagine trying to manage this process without Manufacton. We see prefabrication and technology as a way to smooth out our manpower curves and even out the ups and downs of project schedules, and we can do more work with the same amount of people.”

Shawn Guertin, COO, TG Gallagher
Modular Builder

"Having used Manufacton in my previous role at Skender, I knew the offsite production platform was just what we needed at DOMO to optimize our factory’s production processes and increase its output as we develop modular mid-rise multi-family housing to meet the increasing need."

Pete Murray, COO, DOMO Modular
Specialty Trade Contractor

"We leverage Manufacton to manage our prefabricated wall panel production facility’s schedule, production processes, quality control, and shipment tracking. Manufacton’s app gives real time production information to the shop, which quickly access work orders and production information. Manufacton has streamlined our process, eliminating hours of traditional paperwork everyday."

Jake Wolfer, VP of Prefab, Valley Interior Systems
M/E/P Contractor

“As we've expanded our prefabrication operations, keeping track of all the moving pieces has become increasingly vital. Manufacton helps tie our process together from inception to completion, streamlining projects and aiding us in creating effective and consistent lines of communication.”

Brian Lewis, Regional Vice President, Interstate Electrical
M/E/P Contractor

"When searching for a way to expand our prefabrication business while increasing our efficiency, we found Manufacton. We use the Manufacton platform on most of our projects and it has allowed us to better coordinate between our departments and deliver just in time. Collaboration with Manufacton has given our prefabrication department a competitive advantage, helping us expand our business and retain the #1spot as industry leaders in our province."

Matthew Whitehouse, Director, Britton Électrique
M/E/P Contractor

“We use Manufacton in our main electrical prefabrication facility to track production schedule, standardize our prefab processes, and implement a robust QAQC program. After that, we connected Manufacton to the Evolve spooling tool in Revit to drive bills of material and shop drawings directly to prefab work orders for Manufacton. Now that our prefab teams can scan QR codes with iPads to easily track production in the shop, we're now rolling Manufacton out to all of our other prefab facilities”

John Phillips, Corporate Prefabrication Manager, Hatzel and Buehler
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