Business Strategy

Building Strategic Partnerships With Our Customers: Why It’s Important And How We Do This

At Manufacton, we know the benefits of creating strategic relationships with our customers and peers. In fact, several thought leaders who have moved on from their roles with some of our current customers have deployed Manufacton at their new companies because they trust what we bring to the table and how we serve their business by driving real results. Prioritizing customer satisfaction and building relationships with each of our contacts is something we take pride in, and we have some insights to share about what this should look like.

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Be Simple

We know that what customers want from software and technology partners is simplicity – adopting a new platform should be simple from the point of purchase to realizing value. We make it a priority to tick the following boxes when it comes to doing business with Manufacton:

-      Simple to Buy

-      Simple to Deploy

-      Simple to Use

-      Quick to Gain Value

By achieving these targets, we help customers save time and, ultimately, money, as they can quickly see the ROI from our partnership. This also helps with securing repeat customers from their new jobs as they know how easy it is to onboard with us.

This is what Paul Dailey, MaterialsCoordination Manager at Interstate Electrical Services Corporation, had to say about the benefits of our platform: “We are working with Manufacton to make our ordering process more efficient. In fact, we meet with our team at Manufacton biweekly to look at various options to increase our efficiency. My main goal is to get everything into Manufacton and make it simple. We have been fortunate to work with the team at Manufacton, and their platform works great for us.”

Streamlined Platform

So, what does prioritizing ease of use look like? It’s developing a user interface (UI) that helps simplify and streamline processes. At Manufacton, we introduced a new UI that is more intuitive and easier to navigate with a cleaner view and fewer clicks needed. This helps our customers better understand and identify critical data and insights.

It's important to note that we consulted our customers and asked for their thoughts and how to improve the experience of using Manufacton. Their insights and feedback helped inform the changes made, as well as extensive surveys, research, and analysis.

Since the launch of the new UI, we’ve received great feedback from our customers who have been using it full-time for several months. We believe it accelerates processes and makes it easier than ever to view and digest data to improve projects and inform decision-making.

To continue to evolve our platform, as well as connect with customers on any issues or questions they have while navigating Manufacton, we provide users with direct access and one-on-one relationships with our Customer Support and Customer Success teams. This includes regular meetings and check-ins to ensure they are successful in getting what they need from our software.

A recent example of how we utilize feedback from our customers is the enhancement of our Quality Assurance and QualityControl (QA/QC) workflow. We updated this offering based on feedback from our customer Clark Pacific, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated building products and materials, who was looking to further streamline continuous improvements.

Here’s what the company’s Chief InformationOfficer Sallie Sutter said about the process: “The Manufacton team have been great partners, listening to our feedback and understanding our needs and those of the industry. This enhanced workflow truly helps us streamline our continuous quality improvement process.”

Sharing Our Experiences & Insights

Our leadership team includes impressive experts from the tech and construction sectors who are available to connect with customers and share some of the insights they’ve gathered from decades of experience in the industry. This is a huge benefit for our customers as most have varying degrees of experience in using technology like Manufacton. We’re able to provide them with best practices and the resources needed for their specific business to be successful as we collectively work to lead the transformation to industrialized construction.  

In addition, we make our expert insights available to the industry at-large through our website, speaking engagements at trade shows, and sharing details about the movement toward offsite construction with leading publications like TheNew York Times.