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Manufacton's suite of products gives you the visibility and access you need to make your offsite construction successful.

Production Manager
  • Generate production plan from BIM models, schedules, or spreadsheets
  • Standardize production and QA/QC process
  • Access current documents, drawings or videos from the shop floor
  • Track hours and progress in real-time
  • Measure factory output with tracking and analytics
Material Manager
  • Automate bill of materials (BOM) generation
  • Simplify sourcing from preferred vendors
  • Track & receive materials with QR codes
  • Standardize field material requests
  • Provide real-time visibility for all departments
Advanced Analytics
  • Generate company-specific dashboards from aggregated data
  • Monitor KPIs in real-time
  • Discover waste & improve processes
  • Validate schedule & cost estimates
Production Manager
With Manufacton’s Production Manager, you can…
Standardize Shop Operations
Increase Productivity
Improve Quality
With Manufacton’s Material Manager, you can…
Forecast Demand
Manage Inventory
Minimize Waste
With Manufacton’s Advanced Analytics you can…
Leverage Data
Continuously Improve
Grow Your Business

How Can we help you?

Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies improves your entire process with benefits for each department.


Get real-time visibility into your project completion, subcontractor delivery performance, and quality and safety performance to effectively manage your teams, decrease risk and increase profit margins.  

Project Executive/ Project Manager

Track subcontractor factory production progress, standardize QA/QC programs, easily manage delivery schedules based on linked project schedules and submittals, view real-time installation statuses, and simplify project turnover documentation. Easily see what’s been delivered to and installed on site with our mobile app.


Easily leverage your coordinated 3D models to track prefabricated components built offsite by subcontractors. Get real-time status of project schedules, production, and delivery.


Manage prefab production of spools, kits and assemblies. Simplify collaboration between shop and field, standardize field requests, track materials and inventory, streamline QA/QC processes, and coordinate deliveries to the jobsite. Get real-time access to project delivery schedules and prove delivery/install completion.

Field Superintendent

Track prefab and shop’s progress, and track and coordinate deliveries all via our mobile app. Easily receive and report on materials and prefabs using QR codes.

Process Workflow

Sales Process

Why Choose Us?

“Manufacton has enabled us to do more prefab and do it better. Prefabrication is a simple strategy—but getting the execution right is complex. We look to Manufacton to help us manage that complexity and to keep us one step ahead of the construction industry’s challenges.”
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Brian Potter

President and CEO,
TG Gallagher
“We have been searching for a platform that will provide us real time access to fabrication and delivery dates, while increasing our site supervisor’s flexibility and improving our chances for schedule success. Manufacton has done this, while furthering collaboration and communication between our team, subcontractors and vendors.”
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Todd McCabe

VP Project Services,