Realizing the ROI of Prefab

Realizing the ROI of Prefab

It’s everyone’s first question – What’s the ROI? We get it – there’s been a wave of new technology hitting the construction industry in the past 5 years, teams are busy getting work done and are understandably wary/weary of incorporating new tech into their existing processes without knowing what the impact is going to be. Our team has developed a great calculator that lets you use your own data to play out scenarios and fine-tune the numbers to match your specific organization.

For companies that have already started down the prefab/offsite manufacturing path, this will help to provide some data to kick your operations up a notch or two; for firms that know they should be in the game but are staying off the leading edge, this at a minimum addresses the financial side of the equation.

As we’ve noted in past blogs, moving to a prefab approach pays benefits that are well beyond financial – safety, quality and schedule certainty all improve at least as much as your direct bottom line. Implementing Manufacton refines those gains further and gives the entire team a platform to track, measure and communicate offsite prefab progress.

The example Included shows an all-project view of the kind of improvements possible, using fairly conservative numbers for % of currently prefabbed trades and using only a 10% productivity increase on smaller (average size $3.5M) projects. It’s easy to see that even a cautious approach to implementation provides a significant financial upside.

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