Clark Pacific Taps Manufacton For Execution Of Prefabricated Building Systems

Clark Pacific Taps Manufacton For Execution Of Prefabricated Building Systems

Manufacton’s Solutions to Manufacturing and Construction Processes, Ensure Quality of Entire Workflow

BOSTON (April 1, 2021) – Manufacton, a DSi-Digital Owned production control and workflow SaaS platform for the AEC industry, announced today its partnership with Clark Pacific to provide a centralized view of the construction lifecycle from design to manufacturing. As Clark Pacific, a leader in the design, manufacturing and construction of prefabricated building systems, expands its scope with additional prefabrication solutions, it selected Manufacton to streamline operations, enable consistency in manufacturing, and ensure quality throughout the construction process.

Clark Pacific continues to expand beyond its core business of precast concrete into prefabricated building systems in markets such as higher education and multi-family with facade, parking and office building solutions. In turn, the manufacturer requires scalable technology and provides actualized support for Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) construction methodologies while also lowering the carbon footprint of construction.

“Our goal is that prefabricated building systems become the norm in the built environment,” said Geene Alhady, President of Clark Pacific. “As we continue to grow and expand our product and service offerings, we needed a system that helps us manage the entire design-manufacture-build process. Manufacton will not only help us streamline operations but ensure manufacturing quality and consistency, furthering our commitment to our customers to deliver the highest quality products while reducing overall risk.”

Manufacton’s platform will enable Clark Pacific to optimize production, better manage material inventory and requests, improve factory processes and productivity, facilitate communication and collaboration, and provide real-time business intelligence. With this, Manufacton delivers the tools and insights needed to improve the entire workflow of the manufacturer’s execution systems while integrating effectively with the company’s current technology stack.

“We at Manufacton view Clark Pacific as an industry disruptor with its commitment to popularizing prefabrication and innovating new models for this construction method,” said Raghi Iyengar, President of Manufacton. “With our industry-leading technology optimizing the manufacturing process, this new partnership marks an exciting opportunity for our two companies to modernize the industry long term.”

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About Manufacton

Manufacton is a DSi-Digital owned SaaS (mobile/web) execution platform that empowers construction firms to plan, track, collaborate and optimize production and materials. Manufacton's product line of Construct-ES, Prefab-ES and Mod-ES are the only tools of its kind specifically built from the ground up with industrialized construction execution in mind. Whether you are an owner, construction manager, GC, trade contractor or modular builder, Manufacton is built by a team of industry experts from Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering and Software to address the day-to-day challenges you experience. As an always-on, real-time portal into the production process, Manufacton saves builders time and reduces risk by facilitating collaboration, speeding up communication and ensuring accuracy and timeliness of the end-to-end construction supply chain.

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About Clark Pacific

Clark Pacific is one of the nation’s leading design-build manufacturers of prefabricated building systems. Driven to deliver better buildings, the company has paved the way for prefabrication in the marketplace, bridging the gap between manufacturing and construction to deliver high quality, cost-effective buildings on budget and on time. Clark Pacific’s approach provides owners and design-build teams greater schedule and cost certainty, cleaner and safer jobsites, higher quality systems and more resilient structures than conventional construction.

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