Case Study: Timberlab

Case Study: Timberlab

The Terminal Core of the Portland International Airport (PDX) is currently undergoing a $1.2 billion redevelopment project to transform the facility, making it sustainable and resilient to natural disasters, like earthquakes. The center piece ofthis project is the terminal’s new400,000-square-foot mass timber roof, which is being manufactured by Timberlab, a full-service mass timber systems provider. To execute this project and avoid disruption to the surrounding communities, Timberlab built the new roof in a manufacturing facility and will assemble segments above the existing roof over the course of one year – aided by the technological innovations of Manufacton.

For this project, Timberlab relied on Manufacton to help its team stay on track and remain aware of progress made with its real-time visibility and communications capabilities. This is especially critical for the project as it is being manufactured offsite and the team needed the ability to track materials and ensure quality control at every stage of production.

See how Timberlab partnered with Manufacton to become more agile and better equipped to foster mainstream adoption of mass timber and expand sustainability efforts, click to download the full Case Study!

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