Episode 4 - How Tech Makes Construction Managers More Efficient and Productive (With Jason Barber & Nate Tockerman)

For construction teams to improve processes, one thing is clear: they need better visibility and data about ongoing tasks to improve a project’s lifecycle. To do this, it’s critical they have the right technologies that support current operations and will drive further digital transformation.

Jason Barber, our former VP of Industry Solutions & Strategy and current Transportation Strategy Manager at Autodesk, and Nate Tockerman, former Partner Manager at Procore, recently sat down to continue their conversation from the second episode of our Know It All podcast series, How Tech Makes Construction Managers More Efficient and Productive.

In this follow up episode, Data and Technologies Powering Better Construction, Barber and Tockerman get together again to discuss the power of informed decision-making with construction technologies that provide better access to data and insights.

Read the full transcript here and explore key insights.