Episode 5 - Exploring the Modern Methods of Construction (With Raghi Iyengar & Dave Cooper)

We’re seeing more and more members of the construction industry explore and adopt innovative technologies, processes and methods to improve productivity. Our latest Know It All podcast episode, Exploring the Modern Methods of Construction, dives into the transformation of the sector and the broad movement towards offsite.

Raghi Iyengar, CEO of Manufacton and ViZZ Technologies, sat down with Dave Cooper, a volumetric construction expert and industry thought leader through his DaveCooper.Live platform, to discuss what the future of the industry looks like based on the current trends and needs of today’s teams.

As Dave explains in the podcast: “We're seeing a different population of people come into these manufacturing jobs with a different mind set and with different technology. When we talk about what are we seeing, we're starting to see a lot of really, really smart people come in. There's only oneway to go in our industry and that's up and it's starting to happen, and I think people as they catch on to that, they see the true opportunity for growth.”

Read the full transcript here and explore key insights.