ViZZ Technologies Announces Launch of “Know It All” Podcast for Construction Sector

Episodes to Highlight Best Practices and Latest Technologies Disrupting Industry

ATLANTA (September 9, 2021)ViZZ Technologies, parent company of Manufacton, the leading provider of innovative technologies for the construction sector, today announced the release of its inaugural podcast series, “Know It All.” The podcast, which features a range of experts from ViZZ Technologies and the AEC industry at large, will dive into the latest and upcoming industry trends for improving and optimizing the construction process.

ViZZ Technologies’ team of industry thought leaders from manufacturing, construction, engineering, and software aim to make construction projects faster, cheaper, better, and greener. New disruptive solutions and processes will be discussed throughout the series, with a specific focus on Offsite Construction, Digital Twins, Sustainable Solutions, Smart Buildings, and the sector’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

“At ViZZ Technologies, we understand the need for construction thought leaders to challenge the status quo and ask the industry at large what innovations and technologies will transform construction,” said Mitch Hughes, CEO of ViZZ Technologies and one of the podcast’s featured experts. “We are excited to share our recent conversations about the future of the sector with our new podcast series, ‘Know It All,’ to help listeners optimize their processes.”

The first episode of season one is available now at or wherever you find podcasts. The premier episode, titled “The Industrialization of Construction,” provides an in-depth look at the need to productize construction to improve productivity for the sector. President Raghi Iyengar and Vice President and Well-Known Construction Entrepreneur Arol Wolford discuss the importance and ongoing trend of bringing manufacturing principles to construction for improved efficiencies and quality across projects.

“We are thrilled to bring ‘Know It All’ to the industry, as we discuss forward-looking best practices and technologies that will change construction in the long-term,” said Iyengar. “Notably, in the first episode, we detail the critical need to industrialize construction, so that we’re no longer thinking of projects as one-time processes. The Manufacton team is well-versed in this need as our SaaS platform helps teams better plan, track, collaborate and optimize offsite production, materials, logistics and onsite installation for building projects. Arol and I dive deeper into what this means for the industry in the first episode.”