Episode 6 - The State of Industrialized Construction (With Justin Schwaiger, Nate Kaylor & Nolan Browne)

There are lots of ongoing conversations in the AEC industry about the opportunities presented by industrialized construction and what companies need to do to get ahead of this trend. In the latest episode of our Know It All podcast series, host Justin Schwaiger, PE, LSSBB sits down with three industry thought leaders, Nate Kaylor, Director of Innovation at Factory OS, Nolan Browne, Founder & Chairman of ADL Ventures & Daniel M. Hall, Professor of Innovative and Industrial Construction at ETH Zurich to discuss the state of industrialized construction

Justin and guests get together and explore different perspectives on industrialized construction, including tips for adoption, obstacles which can arise, and how teams can best collaborate to be successful. For anyone looking for more information on this trending topic, this podcast episode is a great place to start.

Podcast Daniel Hall
podcast Nate Kaylor
podcast Nolan Browne

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