Episode 3 - The Age of AI: Integrating People, Buildings, and Smart Cities (With Mitch Hughes & John Hester)

Digital Twins, Smart Buildings, and AI are important topics when we think about the future of the construction industry. The latest episode of our Know It All podcast, titled The Age of AI: Integrating People, Buildings, and Smart Cities, dives into these new advancements and how they bring intelligence into our buildings.

While AI and Digital Twins provide the AEC industry with unrivaled access to data and insights to inform design and building management decisions, Smart Buildings help integrate all systems to communicate with each other and work together to operate a building.

Mitch Hughes, Chairman of the Board of ViZZ Technologies, and John Hester, Owner and Chief Consultant of Hester Consulting, LLC, discussed the impact of AI and Digital Twin technology on smart building systems, including Hester’s work at 30 Hudson Yards in New York City.

As Hester explains in the episode, “My boss told me that we need to move into a building that's not obsolete by the time we get in. That was basically our marching orders, to have an innovative, state-of-the-art building that we were moving into and not something that was going to be old, as can happen in four or five years. So that was the start of it. And we delivered on that. We delivered one of the largest smart buildings, as far as I know, with several hundred thousand points over 12 disparate platforms that converge and work together to operate the building.”

Read the full transcript here and explore key insights.