ViZZ Technologies Enters New Era of Disruption for Construction

ViZZ Technologies Enters New Era of Disruption for Construction

Unveils New User Interface, Announces Key Leadership Changes to Propel into Future

ATLANTA (October 6, 2021) – ViZZ Technologies, the leading provider of innovative technologies for the construction sector, today unveils its latest efforts to transform the construction industry and lead it into a new era of productivity by streamlining processes and improving visibility into critical data and insights.

Just over six months ago, two companies – ViZZ and Manufacton – joined to form ViZZ Technologies and revolutionize the way buildings are built. By combining the data visualization aspects of ViZZ with Manufacton, the leading offsite construction platform, the company provides the visibility, control and transparency needed to transform the construction industry and drive productivity for teams.

As it looks toward the future, ViZZ Technologies continues to make strides in improving its product suite and user experience.

Enhanced User Interface

ViZZ Technologies will launch a new user interface (UI) for Manufacton in October. The new look and feel will help users to further streamline their prefab processes. With cleaner views and fewer clicks, Manufacton is more intuitive and easier to navigate. Additionally, it’s easier to understand and identify critical data and insights.

“Our customers shared their thoughts on how we could further improve their experience in using Manufacton, and we listened,” said Raghi Iyengar, Founder of Manufacton. “As this was our first UI update in over two years, it was important that we spoke with our customers and ensured any changes made aligned with their needs and expectations. After conducting surveys, research, and analysis, we created a new UI that truly improves the experience and capabilities of the product, helping to further drive results for our customers.”

Manufacton aims to simplify and accelerate processes with the updated UI, making it easier to view and digest critical data to improve tasks and projects. This lays crucial groundwork for future product iterations that will use AI to inform intelligent insights that drive decision-making.

Executive Leadership Changes

After 25 years of leadership, Mitch Hughes announces his decision to step down as CEO of ViZZ Technologies and transition to Chairman of the Board. He is excited to continue working with Raghi Iyengar, who currently serves as President, in his new role of CEO. With more than 30 years of experience in the construction technology profession, Iyengar is well-versed in leading software development to meet the industry's ever-changing needs and evolving in tandem with technological advances, like AI, Digital Twins, and more.

“I want to recognize and thank Mitch for his excellent contributions and leadership. He was truly instrumental in pushing innovation forward for ViZZ Technologies and the industry at large,” said Iyengar. “He laid the groundwork for the company to push forward into the future and expand upon our products to change the sector and give construction teams more visibility into their efficiencies. I am honored to be named CEO and am thrilled about what the future holds.”

“It has been a true privilege to serve as CEO of ViZZ Technologies, and I want to thank our team for their continued efforts and support to make the company as successful and innovative as we are today,” said Hughes. “I’m leaving my former role with ViZZ Technologies in the more than capable hands of Raghi with such excitement for its potential. The future is surely bright, and I look forward to continuing my work with the company through my role on the board.”


About ViZZ Technologies

ViZZ Technologies’ mission is to create the latest technologies to transform the construction industry. As the parent company of ViZZ and Manufacton, it’s advancing the industrialization and technologies of construction with digitization, AI and visualization by making data and processes accessible to all stakeholders through the building’s lifecycle. With a team of industry experts from Construction, Manufacturing, Engineering and Software the company addresses the day-to-day challenges experienced by modular builders, trade contractors, GCs, owners, and construction managers. ViZZ Technologies’ goal is to make construction projects faster, cheaper, better and greener.

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