ViZZ Launches New Visual Intelligence Software for AECO Industry

ViZZ Launches New Visual Intelligence Software for AECO Industry

ATLANTA (July 30, 2020)ViZZ today announces the launch of its visual intelligence (VI) software, pairing 3D virtualization and artificial intelligence for commercial development, construction and property management industries. ViZZ enables users to collaborate and securely track and share changes to building models before, during and post-construction.

With more than 40 years of experience in the construction, engineering and technology fields, Mitch Hughes, CEO of ViZZ, and his partner, Arol Wolford, set out to develop software that visualizes information, connections and relationships three-dimensionally, eliminating the separation of this information across varied platforms and applications. ViZZ is initially targeted to the AECO industry, with features useful to various sectors and enterprise organizations as well as personal use.  

"ViZZ is the first software of its kind, and it's more appropriate now than ever for us to introduce this intuitive project hub into the marketplace," Hughes states."Today, remote business is essential for operational survival across sectors, and a virtual presence of facilities, projects and their associated individuals is critical."

ViZZ's VI meets the demands of today's remote workforce and virtual work environment. In addition, the software aids in lowering costs associated with building development,construction and property management and helps owners attract and stay connected with architects, contractors and current and potential tenants –crucial capabilities in light of the current economic challenges.  

"For many businesses, effective collaboration has moved from a desire to a necessity. This includes all facets of business, from resource management to property, project and informational management. ViZZ allows owners and developers to navigate business today and pivot strategies from new construction to project management, renovation and even space reallocation," says Hughes.

Key capabilities of ViZZ's single-source project hub include:  

· Cross-Channel Collaboration: Information from nearly any format can be shared with individuals and groups in an intelligent digital twin – an easily navigated, visually accurate representation of the building–where communication and information sharing can happen inside and outside models, spreadsheets, emails and a multitude of other file types.  
· Data Retention: History and information about properties and equipment are maintained within a single project hub, where virtual buildings and the equipment itself contains valuable information for easy access. This includes product information, relevant communications and active notices sent to designated individuals and departments, including service requirements, warranty expirations, recent activities and more.
· Virtual Workplaces: Collaboration, task assignment and tracking, and project management are easily enabled from within the platform, while also providing the opportunity to collaborate with individuals and across teams virtually. ViZZ simplifies remote training and orientation and educates new tenants on the specifics of their property, no matter the stakeholders’ location.  
· Marketing Tools: In addition to collaborative tools, users can leverage the hub to facilitate remote sales and pitches using fly-through video and real-time collaboration and communication without exiting the ViZZ interface.
· Simple, Secure Interface: With just a 15-minute training, users can immediately leverage the capabilities within ViZZ, including secure yet flexible file sharing. Permissions for specific files or even sections of forms can easily be set and changed as needs evolve.  

"ViZZ's 3D virtualization software made all the difference in moving work forward with the MUSCAH project, a sustainable mixed-use development in Atlanta," notes Graham Massell, director of brand and business development for Massell Commercial Real Estate. "I use the model regularly as we sign on investors and gather the necessary approvals."

ViZZ, also ideal for integration within smart cities, workplaces, homes and communities, is expanding rapidly and was recently named one of Atlanta Inno’s 2020 50 on Fire –one of only five B2B Technology and Software companies chosen.

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