Innovative Companies Rely on Manufacton for Transformation of Construction

Innovative Companies Rely on Manufacton for Transformation of Construction

Industrialized Construction Leader Spurs Innovation in Construction Sector; Shares Whitepaper Detailing Trends and Best Practices

ATLANTA (September 22, 2022) – Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies, the leading offsite construction platform, today celebrates continued adoption of industrialized construction by innovative companies and its leadership in the space. Proven as an integral part of offsite construction operations and processes, Manufacton is well-positioned to further transform the industry and promote faster, better, and more sustainable construction.

“Our current and new customers are the forward thinkers of the industry, pushing our company and others forward to further expand the movement toward industrialized construction,” said Raghi Iyengar, Chief Executive Officer at Manufacton.

Growing Adoption of Platform

Current Manufacton customers have validated the success of the platform for their overall business operations. Many have or will set up new factories around the use of Manufacton to integrate the platform into processes and drive better outcomes across projects of every size.

In addition to its success with current users, Manufacton has also recently welcomed a broad range of new customers across diverse sectors who are helping drive the transformation of construction. A few of the company’s latest customers include:

· Inherent L3C –A company focused on building a better model for homeownership by integrating all aspects of the home buying/maintaining experience and centering around the needs of buyers, families, and communities.

- Momentum Glass – A specialty glazing contractor that designs, manufactures, and installs glazing systems, building enclosures and interior glass.

- DR Johnson Wood Innovations – A subsidiary of DR Johnson that specializes in the manufacture of cross-laminated timber and glue-laminated beams.

- Oaxaca Interests – A real estate operator, developer and investment firm, which acts as a fund manager for several real estate funds.

New Enhancements Focused on Improving Prefab Processes

The benefits and efficiencies made available with Manufacton continue to be integral to factory and prefab operations for long-time and new users. At the same time, Manufacton continues to improve its product features and works closely with customers to support their changing needs. Most recently, this resulted in the launch of the company’s optimized capabilities for nested assemblies and subassemblies, production schedule-driven material demand forecasts and enhanced QA/QC workflows.

Launch of New Whitepaper on Industrialized Construction

As the construction industry continues to embrace industrialized construction, Manufacton aims to arm the sector at large with the resources and insights needed to evolve and is proud to share its latest whitepaper, ‘Rapid Transformation of the Construction Supply Chain,’ which discusses the impact of Industry 4.0 on construction. It details how this new period of innovation and growth will be fueled by applying key learnings from manufacturing to construction.

The whitepaper is authored by Paul Teicholz, Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Stanford University; Sanjay Sarma, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT; Andrew Deschenes, Project Manager/Site Representative at LeftField; and Raghi Iyengar. It is a follow-up to a whitepaper by the same industry thought leaders published in March 2017, which explored the impact of the third industrial revolution on construction.

The full whitepaper can be downloaded at the following link:


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