Manufacton Strengthens its Offsite Construction Platform with Enhanced QA/QC Workflow

Manufacton Strengthens its Offsite Construction Platform with Enhanced QA/QC Workflow

Latest Update from Industrialized Construction Leader Drives Compliance and Continued Improvements in Prefab Processes

ATLANTA (July 21, 2022) – Manufacton by ViZZ Technologies, the leading offsite construction platform, today announces the introduction of a stronger, more detailed Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) workflow to its cloud-based software. This latest enhancement of the overall product offering better integrates compliance and quality into ongoing processes.

With the new QA/QC workflow, offsite production teams have the resources and insights necessary to ensure all prefabricated building products and materials are manufactured to meet quality standards and requirements while capturing high-quality and actionable data to drive operational improvements.

This latest enhancement from Manufacton was based on feedback from the company’s customer, Clark Pacific, a leading manufacturer of prefabricated building systems. The QA/QC workflow will help the manufacturing company streamline continuous quality improvement processes and provide the level of insight needed to make corrections to work streams where needed.

“At Clark Pacific, we pride ourselves on manufacturing high-quality prefabricated products in our facilities, which means we have rigorous QA/QC processes integrated into our ongoing workflows,” said Sallie Sutter, Chief Information Officer at Clark Pacific. “We needed the ability to efficiently manage QC forms and assign issues identified to the appropriate party – now, we can do this with Manufacton throughout the lifecycle of a project. The Manufacton team have been great partners, listening to our feedback and understanding our needs and those of the industry. This enhanced workflow truly helps us streamline our continuous quality improvement process.”

The new workflow enables teams to manage QA/QC within Manufacton, eliminating the need for separate tracking sheets and saving teams time and resources since they are notified immediately when an issue arises. If a part is marked as failing, it must be fixed before the order is completed, which increases reliability and helps ensure compliance.

“We are thrilled about this latest improvement to the Manufacton platform and the response from Clark Pacific and other customers who can take advantage of the new workflow,” explained Raghi Iyengar, Chief Executive Officer at Manufacton. “With this, QA/QC is now integrated into production workflows, meaning it’s not an additional step but integral to each stage of the production process. In addition, the data available within our software helps teams identify where issues are arising most frequently to make changes, thereby improving their reputation and accountability.”

With this introduction, Manufacton continues its commitment to expanding and evolving its offsite construction platform to align with the industry and its changing needs. This is the latest step in the organization’s journey to transform the industry and drive widespread adoption of industrialized construction.

The QA/QC workflow is now available for all Manufacton users. To learn more about this and other offerings, visit


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