ENR- Autodesk University- Manufacton QA/QC

ENR- Autodesk University- Manufacton QA/QC

Messages from user conference indicate what's next for AEC tools

Article By Jeff Yoders Oct 11, 2022 : Boston-based prefabrication solutions provider Manufacton has added a new QA/QC workflow. Offsite production teams working in fabrication shops can use Manufacton's workflow to ensure that prefabricated building products and materials are manufactured to meet quality standards and requirements while also using it to capture actionable data for improvements in their operations.

“With this, QA/QC is now integrated into production workflows, meaning it’s not an additional step but integral to each stage of the production process. In addition, the data available within our software helps teams identify where issues are arising most frequently to make changes, thereby improving their reputation and accountability," explained Raghi Iyengar, CEO at Manufacton. He added that building systems prefabricator Clark Pacific is one of their initial customers.

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