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Procore Jobsite

Holistically-Designed Buildings and the New Technologies Behind Them

By Mitch Hughes, Wednesday, November 22, 2021 : For buildings, the healthier whole also includes the end-user, the surrounding community, the environment, and more. Considering all these aspects is vital in ensuring that we build better, smarter, and greener, marking the industry’s significant need for holistic design principles.

Constructor Magazine

Tech Talk 2021

By A. D. Thompson, Thursday, November 11, 2021: “Historically, because construction has been highly fragmented, it’s been really difficult to get enough critical mass for any tech to become the standard versus other industries,” says Raghi Iyengar, founder of Manufacton and president of ViZZ Technology, which acquired Manufacton earlier this year.

Authority Magazine

The Future Is Now: Raghi Iyengar of ViZZ Technologies On How Their Technological Innovation Will Shake Up The Tech Scene

By Fotis Georgiadis, Sunday, November 7, 2021: You Never Know What Will Trigger Industry-Wide Disruption. The need for remote teams and easy collaboration during COVID spurred on years of digital transformation in just months across the industry. As teams could not return to the field and had to remain quarantined indefinitely, the need for offsite construction was significant. This was something no one could have predicted, but there’s always the chance that a significant event or moment in time can be the impetus for real change.

Construction Executive

Construction Technology and Software Rundown: October 29, 2021

By Marla McIntyre, Tuesday, October 26, 2021: ViZZ Technologies new user interface for Manufacton further streamlines and simplifies the prefab processes. ViZZ Technologies’ advances the industrialization of construction with digitization, AI and visualization. Manufacton’s cloud-based software helps manage construction materials, off-site production and on-site installation.

Construction Executive

The 2021 Top Construction Technology Firms

By Cybele Tamulonis, Monday, September 20, 2021: ViZZ Technologies was recently selected as one of the Top Construction Technology Firms of 2021 by Construction Executive. This inaugural award aims to showcase the leading construction tech firms that have helped the industry navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, streamline business practices, improve productivity and more.

Constructor Magazine -


By Katie Kuehner-Hebert, August 3, 2021: Raghi Iyengar, president of ViZZ and Manufacton in Boston, says that digital twin technology provides a centralized informational hub and real-time connectivity, "empowering teams to manage and update building plans more intelligently." The technology effectively stores files and information in a simulated environment for quick analysis across teams, "offering genuine value for today’s market."

"Digital twin technology that exists in an easy-to-use software will far outperform other collaborative tools currently being used in the industry," Iyengar says. "With the AI and simulation capabilities of some digital twin technologies, design and construction teams are effectively armed with data, insights and visibility that makes it simple to collaborate and make decisions based on easily accessible insights."

Modern Contractor Solutions -

Construction Bidding & Estimating

Byline by Raghi Iyengar, July 29, 2021: To have a successful, best-in-class bid, you first must have the needed insight from data you can trust to create the well-rounded, accurate result that keeps people coming back for more, not unlike a family-secret recipe for cherry cobbler that you guard for your life. No one can steal your secret sauce when you realize that estimating is both a science and art that truly informs the bid.

Digital Engineering -

The Coming of Age of AI and Machine Learning in Design

By Jim Romeo, June 1, 2021 : Raghi Iyengar is president of DSi-Digital’s Manufacton and ViZZ products, which are used in construction design. He points out that software applications may be collaborative and used by a dispersed workforce, which allows others in the supply chain to collaborate.“The biggest benefit of AI and simulation, with products such as ViZZ and Manufacton, is the continued effort to productize construction with complete visibility and access to project data,” he says. “Through accessing insights around prior supply chain relationships and product experiences, the industry is better equipped to make construction projects faster, cheaper, better and greener.”


Bullish baby boomers help fuel red hot small business M&A market

By Ellen Sheng, Sun. May 16, 2021 : For Mitch Hughes, chief executive of Vizz, a construction management software firm he founded in 1996, the pandemic created ideal conditions for acquisitions. 

Vizz, which runs a visualization platform that helps developers create realistic virtual models, didn’t have much presence on the manufacturing side. Manufacton, on the other hand, had software used for modular construction, compatible software, and a “dream team” of people.

“Covid created a hurdle for them, but it created an opportunity for us,” Hughes said. Early this year, Vizz acquired Manufacton, keeping on all its employees.  

Propmodo -

The Climate Opportunity- Reducing our buildings’ emissions will also make them more profitable

Byline by Arol Wolford, April 29, 2021 : We need to think about our buildings in the same way. For holistic design, like holistic medicine, we need to consider the whole building and its lifecycle to affect change. We can utilize the acronym FACES, or Function, Aesthetics, Cost, Environment, and Safety. For any new construction, retrofit, or renovation project, it’s critical we make decisions and evaluate the effectiveness of our construction and design with these five elements in mind.

Atlanta Inno -

Atlanta Inno’s Tech Madness is back for the 2021 bracket competition

By Erin Schilling, March 9, 2021 : It was the round of upsets. None of the No.1-seeded companies are in the game. With more than 12,600 votes overall, each round seems to be getting even tighter.  Tech Madness reigning champion ViZZ, seeded No. 9, is still going strong.

Atlanta Inno -

Breakdown of top Atlanta tech deals and acquisitions for February 2021

By Erin Schilling, March 1, 2021 : Peachtree Corners company acquires construction software startup

DSi-Digital, a Peachtree Corners holding company for architecture, engineering and construction, bought Boston-based Manufacton to expand its software tracking abilities of construction projects. The combination of those two companies allows DSi-Digital to expand its AI and data visualization capabilities to analyze a construction project from its design to its completion, according to a news release. 

BostInno -

February M&A - Uber buys Drizly, Knoq heads south

By Rowan Walrath, March 1, 2021 : Manufacton, a Boston-based production controls and workflow SaaS platform aimed at construction firms, was acquired by DSi-Digital LLC, an Atlanta-based holding company for ventures. No financial terms were disclosed.